The Matching Grant Fueled Progress For The Project

17 05 2012


On behalf of AUMAZO, INC., I would like to show my gratitude to you for your gifts to our Matching Grant Donation Challenge in April. Your contributions made it possible for us to match our $10,000 grant.

More About The Grant Benefits

Since its founding in 2005, AUMAZO, INC. has been guided by its enduring principles of innovation, excellence and integrity, as well as a commitment to steadily improve the way it conducts nonprofit business. At Aumazo, we are fully aware that our accomplishments are not simply attributable to “genius” leadership or our hard work. We grow and prosper only because we found some great friends like you who show loyal support.

In 2010, we invested in a hydraulic block machine that produces interlocking dry stacked soil-cement and environmentally friendly blocks. As a result of your contribution to our matching grant challenge, workers are currently on-site raising the walls of the school with the blocks that our machine helps make. See the pictures below, and check back regularly for updates.

The machine will also provide a revenue stream that will allow us to sustain the operating costs of the school. This has been possible only because of the contribution made by people like you.

I know how much you care about our girls’ education program and I am overwhelmed to see your love of the Aumazo Project, manifested through your generous gestures.

We hope your support will continue in the future. In the fiscal year of 2012-13, we plan to raise the walls and furnish at least two classrooms to welcome the first 50 girls. We rely on your tax-deductible donations to fuel the progress of the project.

The future of Aumazo looks bright, and the board and I want to acknowledge our donors’ contributions to this rosy outlook. They are telling others about our project and encouraging them to consider supporting us. Keep up the good work and share this news with others.

Again, thank you for your support.

– J.A