Leadership Montgomery

10 08 2009


From September 2008 to May 2009, Leadership Montgomery offered me a leadership learning platform. It was a great opportunity for me to learn, share, grow, change, and strengthen my own leadership skills. Although the program ended on June 20, 2009 with a commencement ceremony, the wealth of information and my continued membership are new seeds planted in my life as an individual and as a leader.

Leadership is a Process

Leadership Montgomery helped me recapture the essence of my willpower. During the program, I clearly understood that leadership is a process by which an individual influences others to accomplish an objective effectively and efficiently. It does not come naturally, but only through hard work. Another important lesson learned is the process by which leaders inspire followers. They must develop a good body of knowledge through education, training, and experience. Hence, Leadership Montgomery, in my opinion, is a real platform for participants to showcase their potential as leaders.

Trained In Useful Skills

For nine months, Leadership Montgomery offered me a lifetime opportunity to become a great leader in nonprofit management through hands-on experience. I developed leadership skills that are now serving a great purpose in my organization. Understanding the concepts of leadership and establishing a clear distinction between leader as boss vs. leader as inspiration will help me excel in Aumazo. Importantly, discussion about issues and challenges facing Montgomery County brought me home and helped me achieve integration within the County where my family and I have lived for eighteen years.

Confidence Booster

Leadership Montgomery has inspired me to reach for the stars as well. Today more than ever, I truly believe that my « beacon of excellence in nonprofit management » goal for Aumazo, Inc is within reach. I recognize however that I cannot command that excellence; instead, I will continue building on the strong and good character that I developed during the nine-month leadership program.

What I Learned

The program opened my mind by putting things into perspective. Currently, I understand that having a position of authority in an organization is necessary but not sufficient for making things happen. More is expected of a great leader. A forward thinking leader who constantly assesses her/his position and seeks improvement is important for the success of an organization. Also, a leader who brings great value to the organization is one of an honorable character who makes people want to achieve greatness instead of just accomplishing objectives or tasks.

Building Relationships

Finally, Leadership Montgomery opened my heart. The nature of the program itself is a hidden treasure for spiritual encounters. The program is about people. Each month I looked forward to meeting my classmates. It was my break from a busy life and an opened self-reflection. During the program, I rediscovered a new me by looking inward. The benefits are truly great and immeasurable.


On June 20, 2009, I walked on stage with a sense of pride and responsibility, not only to myself but to my family, my neighbors, and people that I am serving through Aumazo. To learn more about this wonderful program, please watch highlights in the commemorative video below, which I appear in.