The Founder’s Recent Trip to Cameroon

19 04 2016


The Road to Change

Last year, your donations helped build the kilometer-long track from Bankondji village to the school site. I was so thrilled to walk down the road and witness first hand the magical transformation it brought to the Aumazo school project and the village as a whole. I sensed a lot of pride with you, the donors, who made it happen. It is an unbelievable and indescribable feeling. A trail that links the school site to the village has become a road. I extend my invitation to you to visit the site whenever you can. For more details, watch « Aumazo Presents: The Road to Change« .

My Recent Trip To Cameroon

I got home on Thursday April 7, 2016 after a successful stay of nearly four weeks in Cameroon. I accomplished more than I have anticipated. I met with stakeholders, partners and government entities. The highlight of my trip was a meeting with the new administrative team of the Orange Foundation. In September 2015, we submitted a grant proposal to the Foundation and had not received any feedback since then. I was glad to meet with the new Corporate Philanthropy Manager and her Assistant. I found out that our proposal was still under consideration. They made a number of great suggestions that aligned with our Tutoring Program, scheduled to start this coming August.

Jacqueline Audigé in Cameroon

Our Tutoring Program is a Must

I also visited our potential students in their middle school classrooms. What I saw was very alarming. « Students cannot spell. » I understand their struggle. How can anyone learn if he/she does not even understand what is being taught? There are pressing and urgent needs that must be addressed for students currently in the seventh and eighth grades. Our Tutoring Program is a « must do. »

Two years ago, I spoke with some of these students in Bankondji. This year, I talked with Odette, who had failed the high school entrance exam and is repeating the grade. I shared some words about the Tutoring Program with her and she said:  » I welcome the opportunity because it will be my last chance to dream of a better future. » Her situation strengthened my resolve to bring the Tutoring Program to these middle school students in Bankondji.

The MBA Monarchy Gala

A few months ago, my daughter and MBA colleagues at the University of Maryland Business School planned a fundraising gala to support the Aumazo effort. My trip to Cameroon brought new meaning and put a different spin on the event. The gala has become a « Must Happen » event.

Please join us and invite others to come and stand behind our cause on April 29 by following this link to get your

RSVP For The Gala

Let’s Keep This Partnership Going

Also follow our up-to-date progress through the Aumazo facebook page.

We are in this together and can do it again. Together, we built the road and Aumazo’s future looks rosy because of its partnership with you.

Thank you for all that you do to lead Aumazo to success in reaching its goals of furthering girls’ high school education in Cameroon.