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Aumazo is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to empower girls in Cameroon with educational opportunities to attend high school in order to enjoy more successful lives as young adults.

With the help of sponsors, volunteers, and caring donors like you, the first Boarding High School under construction in the rural village of Bankondji, Cameroon, will be completed and its doors will open to the first 50 girls.

In recent years, we invested in a hydraulic block machine, produced blocks and built the library. We also started a business that morphed from a blockyard business into a construction business (ZOMA). We are producing more blocks to complete the construction of the boarding school and the revenue stream generated by the construction business will allow us to sustain the operating costs of the school. Feel free to explore the site for more information about the Organization, learn about our volunteering opportunities, and other ways by which you can help.

Goal Oriented

Our long-standing strategy has been to construct a school that will become self-sustaining and operate a school facility where a hands-on, bottom-up and community driven approach to girls' education in the 21st century is paramount. At the heart of our project is the goal to foster economic development in this region of western Cameroon in ways that connect local development to the larger global community. Hence, we will reach our empowerment goals and train many effective and able future leaders in a welcoming environment conducive to learning. We hope that your continued support will help us achieve our goals.

Tangible Results

"Since its founding in 2005, Aumazo has been committed to program development and strategic planning, financial transparency, community involvement and environmental responsibility. Our approach has been guided by our enduring principles of innovation, excellence and integrity, as well as a commitment to steadily improve the way we conduct nonprofit business. The Board and I believe that being proactive on sustainability issues is important to the long-term success of our organization. In that spirit, I am pleased to report that our efforts are generating tangible results as we strive to transform our educational program to a development program."

- Jacqueline T. Audigé -

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