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Providing better school infrastructure and STEM education to girls in rural communities

Aumazo is working to improve the lives of young women in rural Cameroon – and eventually in other African countries – through providing access to tuition free high school education in an environment conducive to learning. The organization is preparing girls in rural communities to succeed in the information-based and fast-paced technologies of the 21st century world.

We kicked off our tutoring program by focusing on improving the girl’s performance level in mathematics, French and English so that they can successfully pass the high school entrance examination. At the same time, we are constructing our flagship school in the Cameroonian village of Bankondji. The school will use a STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) curriculum relevant to their future lives.

Learn more about how we are helping rural Cameroon’s young women achieve their potential and shape their own futures.


Given the opportunity, women can be the engines of transformational economy in developing nations. Our aim is to give young women in rural Cameroon and eventually around Africa just that opportunity, by:

  • Creating critical thinkers with STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education and empower the next generation of innovative leaders.
  • Constructing safe and supportive community-based schools with better infrastructure and an environment conducive to learning.
  • Preparing young women for leadership roles within their communities and giving them learning skills that allow them to compete in a global economy while fostering economic development in their region.
  • Developing a self-sustaining funding model for our work and ensuring ongoing operation of our schools and programs.

Your continued support will help us achieve these goals and empower our students for a better future.

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Overcoming Daily Obstacles

The secondary education rate for girls in rural Cameroon is just 17%. A host of factors lead girls to drop out before entering or finishing high school. Consider the challenges faced by 17-year-old Jiako.

Jiako lives in the village of Bankondji, where she participates in Aumazo’s Ça Fait Du Bien/It Makes Good tutoring program. But recently Jiako appeared confused, demoralized, and unable to focus on her work. It turns out, she was being ridiculed by her classmates, beaten at home, and shamed by her family. Read more to find out why, and to learn about the common challenges facing female students in rural Cameroon.

Tangible Results

And The Less Tangible

“I would like to be in charge of my destiny in school and in life. My wish is coming true in the [Aumazo] tutoring program. My higher grades since I started the program are great proof.”
— Maurelle, Grade 8

Thanks to donors and volunteers, Aumazo has achieved significant milestones in its work to stimulate girls’ engagement in school. We built the foundation for our pilot boarding school in the village of Bankondji. We established our sister organization, ZOMA, to help fund and sustain our programs. We paved the road from the village to the school site. And most recently we launched our tutoring program, a critical part of preparing girls for higher-level learning.

But beyond these accomplishments are the inspiring changes we see every day – in the relationships we’ve built with the community, in the respect we’ve earned from the parents, and in the new hope for the future that we see in the girls we serve.

The Power of Learning

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Latest Update

Announcing the #GivingTuesday and Year-End GlobalGiving Campaigns

At Aumazo, we’re so thankful for the incredible support you provided us all these years. You helped us change the world five girls at a time just last year. As girls in our tutoring program […]

Project Sustainability

ZOMA: Our sister company

Aumazo’s primary mission is to empower girls in rural Africa through education. But we also have a fiscal mission – to create a sustainable funding model that supports the ongoing operation of the school(s) we build, well into the future. That’s where our sister organization, ZOMA, comes in.

A social enterprise established specifically to help fund our work at Aumazo, ZOMA Blockyard is a building material production and construction business based in Newtown Bafang, Cameroon. Learn more about ZOMA, whose profits go toward funding Aumazo’s education programs.

Sweet Testimonials

I am currently a volunteer for Aumazo, lending a hand to help with fundraising strategies and strategic planning. Aumazo has come a long way from a mere idea to a full blown, not for profit organization. Its founder is an amazing enthusiast and determined woman who will undoubtedly make a boarding school for rural girls in Bankondji an imminent reality. I think combining the funds raised for this purpose with the proceeds of a striving brick business in her hometown was a terrific idea. I truly have high hopes and only praise for Team Aumazo.

Aissata Thiam, PhD, International Condultant in ICT

My visit to Cameroon 2 years ago with the Mount St. Mary's team of faculty and students began my love for Africa... specifically the people of Bankondji. Education is a powerful tool for change; and educating girls extends that positive change to their future families. This project is so worthwhile to support as it will currently build strong women and provide educated citizens in the future. During my visit one of the Sisters at the Daughters of Charity said that “Africa gets into your skin.” I feel that I came home with a piece of Africa in my heart. The land is beautiful. The people are beautiful. My memories are beautiful. I am proud to teach my students at the University about this wonderful project and how to support it with our monies and prayers.

Carolyn, Volunteer

The first time I heard about Aumazo was through a close friend of mine. I am from one of the counties with which Cameroon share its frontier (Gabon) so when I heard about Aumazo and the goals that they wanted to reach I was more than exited to be able to volunteer. In addition it’s not every day that you come across a non-profit organization that has the ambition to bring education to Africa for this reason I strongly believe that they do need more recognition and help from anyone for the hard work that they’re doing.

Patrick E., Volunteer

I heard about Aumazo through a dear friend who insisted that I checkout this cause and support. As a cameroonian girl myself, This is truly a noble cause and I am glad that Jacqueline, the Founder, is giving back to our community. She is a great role model and I encourage others to follow in her footsteps!

Anais G., Donor

I had a great experience working with Aumazo Inc. Mrs Audige did a phenomenal job at getting a team together to work in partnership with the University of Maryland and spending hours taking hundreds of their chairs, chalk boards and several other school materials that were going to be thrown away and that instead we took to put in a container and ship to Cameroon to help build better schools. It was an eye-opening experience and the purpose was real. Great organization, great people. I would recommend them to anyone looking to make an immediate difference in the lives of people who need it.

Yannick K., Volunteer

During my experience with Aumazo, I learned about the Cameroonian economy and educational system. Aumazo is ensuring that girls in Cameroon have access to education and they have a strong culture built on the empowering women and improving the country of Cameroon.

Patrick Legendre, MBA Candidate at GWU
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A Little Kindness

Goes a Long Way

Your donations are strengthening Aumazo and changing lives along the way. As a result fo your generosity, we built the foundation for our pilot boarding school, established our sister organization ZOMA, paved the road from the village to the school site, and most recently launched our tutoring program.

Little by little, you are making magic happen. Help us reach our current goal of $20,000 to open the existing building while waiting to build the school, and welcome the first 50 girls — including those who are currently enrolled in our tutoring program — by September 2018.

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