The power of learning.

Knowledge Is Key

Aumazo believes in the power of knowledge with an initial focus on African girls who face many obstacles in the pursuit of something as basic as a high school education.

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We offer “Voluntourism” opportunities so you can be an active participant in Aumazo’s various operations and activities, all the while discovering the beauty of Cameroon.

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ZOMA: Building Blocks For Funds

ZOMA produces and sells specialty interlocking blocks and builds solid environmentally-friendly homes in Cameroon. Revenue generated from this business goes to fund Aumazo's operating costs.

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Aumazo is about uniting communities and inspiring confidence.

Tangible Results

"Since its founding in 2005, Aumazo has been committed to program development and strategic planning, financial transparency, community involvement and environmental responsibility. Our approach has been guided by our enduring principles of innovation, excellence and integrity, as well as a commitment to steadily improve the way we conduct nonprofit business. The Board and I believe that being proactive on sustainability issues is important to the long-term success of our organization. In that spirit, I am pleased to report that our efforts are generating tangible results as we strive to transform our educational program to a development program."

- Jacqueline T. Audigé, Founder

Our Goals

Our long-term goal is to build and operate school facilities where a hands-on and community-driven approach to girls' education in the 21st century will be paramount. At the heart of our project is the goal to foster economic development in this region of western Cameroon in ways that connect local development to the global community.

Hence, we will reach our empowerment goals by training and molding future leaders in a welcoming environment conducive to learning. Your continued support will help us achieve our goals.

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This is the moment I like the most; being on stage and talking about the Aumazo project. The SMITHYs event was such a good time to share the good work we have been doing. ...

These are thinkers and learners in the making. ...

Learning can be fun and our girls are enjoying the new way that empowers them. ...

A Little Kindness Can Go A Long Way


Last year, your donations helped build the kilometer-long track from Bankondji village to the school site to provide year-round access to students and the five-ton trucks that haul building materials to the construction site.

This year, your continued support will allow us to reach our goal of providing a Tutoring Program to our prospective students during the summer of 2016.

Time is for the essence and success throughout the high school year is crucial if a student wishes to pursue her study. Aumazo school success potential will depend greatly on the way these students thrive in the Tutoring program.

To achieve this new goal, this year, Aumazo needs to raise an additional $3​5,000 to provide the Tutoring Program to 80 girls in Bankondji and give them a unique educational reinforcement opportunity.​ We have already raised $5,000 toward this target.​

Together we built the road and Aumazo's future looks rosy because of its partnership with you. And we thank you for all that you do to lead us to success.

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  • Microsoft Unlimited Potential
  • Grassroots
  • Hydraform
  • Great Nonprofits
  • ZOMA Cameroon Bricks & Homes
  • Barrie School

Sweet Testimonials

I am currently a volunteer for Aumazo, lending a hand to help with fundraising strategies and strategic planning. Aumazo has come a long way from a mere idea to a full blown, not for profit organization. Its founder is an amazing enthusiast and determined woman who will undoubtedly make a boarding school for rural girls in Bankondji an imminent reality. I think combining the funds raised for this purpose with the proceeds of a striving brick business in her hometown was a terrific idea. I truly have high hopes and only praise for Team Aumazo.

Aissata Thiam, PhD, International Condultant in ICT

My visit to Cameroon 2 years ago with the Mount St. Mary's team of faculty and students began my love for Africa....specifically the people of Bankondji. Education is a powerful tool for change; and educating girls extends that positive change to their future families. This project is so worthwhile to support as it will currently build strong women and provide educated citizens in the future. During my visit one of the Sisters at the Daughters of Charity said that “Africa gets into your skin.” I feel that I came home with a piece of Africa in my heart. The land is beautiful. The people are beautiful. My memories are beautiful. I am proud to teach my students at the University about this wonderful project and how to support it with our monies and prayers.

Carolyn, Volunteer

The first time I heard about Aumazo was through a close friend of mine. I am from one of the counties with which Cameroon share its frontier (Gabon) so when I heard about Aumazo and the goals that they wanted to reach I was more than exited to be able to volunteer. In addition it’s not every day that you come across a non-profit organization that has the ambition to bring education to Africa for this reason I strongly believe that they do need more recognition and help from anyone for the hard work that they’re doing.

Patrick E., Volunteer

I heard about Aumazo through a dear friend who insisted that I checkout this cause and support. As a cameroonian girl myself, This is truly a noble cause and I am glad that Jacqueline, the Founder, is giving back to our community. She is a great role model and I encourage others to follow in her footsteps!

Anais G., Donor

I had a great experience working with Aumazo Inc. Mrs Audige did a phenomenal job at getting a team together to work in partnership with the University of Maryland and spending hours taking hundreds of their chairs, chalk boards and several other school materials that were going to be thrown away and that instead we took to put in a container and ship to Cameroon to help build better schools. It was an eye-opening experience and the purpose was real. Great organization, great people. I would recommend them to anyone looking to make an immediate difference in the lives of people who need it.

Yannick K., Volunteer

During my experience with Aumazo, I learned about the Cameroonian economy and educational system. Aumazo is ensuring that girls in Cameroon have access to education and they have a strong culture built on the empowering women and improving the country of Cameroon.

Patrick Legendre, MBA Candidate at GWU