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The first Aumazo boarding school is still under construction, yet Aumazo has already brought hope and change to Bankondji, Cameroon.

Aumazo Tutoring Program

The Tutoring Program

Most girls fail to pass Cameroon’s complex high-school entrance exams. We developed a program to change that.

Many middle school students in rural Cameroon cannot understand grade-level work in reading, math, and other subjects, limiting their chances of getting into high school. Without intensive academic support, these students cannot pass Cameroon’s complex high school entrance exams. Thanks to our donors, Aumazo is now providing that essential academic support for students who need it.

In August 2016, we launched our tutoring program, Ça Fait Du Bien/It Makes Good, in Bankondji, Cameroon. Based on the “All Kinds of Minds” methodology, the program recognizes students’ unique learning styles in order to ensure learning for all students. Since its inception, nearly three-dozen 7th and 8th grade girls have joined the after-school tutoring program, working to bring their skills up to grade level and prepare themselves for success in high school and beyond.

Already the results have been remarkable. Not only have the girls improved their comprehension and grades in once-challenging subjects; they have also grown more confident, more motivated, and more hopeful about their future education. But don’t just take our word for it. See what the students and their parents have to say.

The Aumazo tutoring program ended on June 14th 2017 for this academic year and the closing ceremony was marked by a football game played by both the tutors and the students. On that day, I saw joy in the eyes of the students, especially those who received some gifts from the program. The program generally was a success for this first year. This success could be attributed to coordinators who put all the resources needed in place to see that it achieved its objectives. On the last day of classes, before students faced the official exams (CAP and BEPC) I could see confidence in the eyes of most of the girls thanks to Aumazo. On that day we also gave them some tips about exam techniques and the kind of behaviour to portray in an exam. [...] I personally think that something positive will come out of it following the work we did.

Thierry Wirngo, teacher

The girls in the Tutoring Program are smiling again and showing more interest in their studies since you brought and implemented the program. We know that their joy and hope derive from all that you are doing for them.

Mother of program participant

My grades in Math, French, and English have improved tremendously. I don’t dread or worry about the dismissive attitude of my school teacher anymore. I know that I get the answers to my questions when I meet with the teachers in the program.

Stella, Grade 7

I am gradually discovering who I am and what I want since I joined the program. I didn’t know that I had weaknesses in English and strengths in French. I am making steady progress working on my problems.

Dolvira, Grade 7

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The Road

The Road

In 2015, we built a road connecting the village of Bankondji to the site of the Aumazo School. We like to call it The Road to Change.

For years, just an overgrown trail connected the village of Bankondji to the site of Aumazo’s boarding school. Access to the site became impassible during the local rainy season, when the path became a river of mud. An Aumazo-funded micro project recently replaced this trail with a main road to the school site and the farms nearby, enabling year-round access for pedestrians and vehicles of all sizes, thanks to a reliable drainage system. Locals no longer need to climb through bushes to reach their fields. Construction vehicles can now easily access the school site. And the people of Bankondji are smiling.

But the road project has proven to be much more than infrastructure improvement. The road has also renewed villagers’ confidence in our work and our promise. It has reminded the community that Aumazo is making progress, clearing a path to a better future for the young women of Bankondji and the village as a whole, though completion of the school itself has taken longer than we hoped. Please help us finish what we’ve started, and let the girls of Bankondji walk this road with purpose.

Aumazo Boarding School

The School

Constructing a school. Building a Future.

Central to Aumazo’s work and vision is its pilot boarding high school for girls in the western Cameroonian village of Bankondji, conceived to equip girls with skills that translate into meaningful livelihoods and promising futures. We completed the first phase of construction in 2007, laying the foundation for the school and dormitory. Several years later, we erected the library/study building; using 26,000 blocks manufactured by our sister organization, ZOMA. Now, thanks to the generous work of HOK Architecture, Aumazo has an innovative new design for completing the school, leveraging green-build principles and integrating the structure into its natural environment.

While we raise funds to complete construction, Aumazo is working to equip the existing library structure with a clean water supply and sanitation facilities, so we can open the school to an inaugural class of local high school girls in the fall of 2018. Scroll to the bottom and sign up for Aumazo’s newsletter to track our progress.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

It takes a village.

Things are changing in Bankondji village. Young women have renewed interest in their schoolwork and new hope for their education. Parents who were once skeptics of Aumazo’s tutoring program educational style are now its staunchest supporters. Farmers, now able to access their fields easily, are singing the praises of the new road. But while Aumazo sparked many of these changes in the village, we could not have realized them without the support of the people of Bankondji themselves. From the local who donated land for the new school to volunteers who helped build its library to the villagers who help maintain the new road, the people of Bankondji are reshaping their future. Aumazo is honored to be part of it.

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2018 is the year of ACTION and nothing will stop US from continuing to dream BIG for our girls. You have been and still are our pillars. Your continued support will get us to the finish line this year. We trust in YOU!