A Little Kindness Can Go A Long Way


Last year, your donations helped build the kilometer-long track from Bankondji village to the school site to provide year-round access to students and the five-ton trucks that haul building materials to the construction site.

This year, your continued support will allow us to reach our goal of providing a Tutoring Program to our prospective students during the summer of 2016.

Time is for the essence and success throughout the high school year is crucial if a student wishes to pursue her study. Aumazo school success potential will depend greatly on the way these students thrive in the Tutoring program.

To achieve this new goal, this year, Aumazo needs to raise an additional $3​5,000 to provide the Tutoring Program to 80 girls in Bankondji and give them a unique educational reinforcement opportunity.​ We have already raised $5,000 toward this target.​

Together we built the road and Aumazo's future looks rosy because of its partnership with you. And we thank you for all that you do to lead us to success.

Thank You For Your Support

Your Financial Support Is Needed. Individual benefits, as well as benefits to society as a whole, are greater when a girl is educated. “Research consistently shows that education for girls is one of the most effective investments a nation can make to improve the health and prosperity of present and future generations (Save the Children).”

Aumazo will empower girls, help them become self-sufficient so that they can later contribute to both rural communities and other aspects of Cameroonian society. Our pilot model is unique and replicable in the long run in other rural communities of Cameroon and Africa as a whole.

The benefits are already palpable: the new school is already transforming the Bankondji community. Members have united to practice volunteering, which was unknown before the start of the school construction. Prospective students are already visiting the site in hopes that they will attend the new school. Local contractors and their incredible ability to solve problems have minimized the high labor costs.

– A small donation can go a long way.

Our Partners

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