Giving Back To Cameroon

August 8, 2010


A brand new high school in rural Cameroon is providing hope for female students.

By Jillian Shaner
Monday, June 15, 2009

Aumazo, Inc., a not-for-profit organization founded by Silver Spring resident and Cameroonian native, Jacqueline Audigé, is organizing, planning and soliciting funding for the construction of a charitable, “green” high school for girls in Bankondji, Cameroon. Aumazo is proud to have put in the school’s foundation and is building hope for a “green” and promising future for young women in this rural community.

“All the girls in the village are very excited about the new prospects,” Audigé said. This school will be more than an educational facility. “It is a lifetime opportunity for rural girls to depart from social isolation, educational neglect and economic marginalization.”

The boarding school is intended to provide a worry-free environment for young women from Bankondji and other Cameroonian villages. Students will often be reminded that their contributions are valued and that their actions count to the nation as a whole.