Crowdrise Opens Doors For Aumazo

January 10, 2011



Edward Norton’s Organization ‘Crowdrise’ is enticing younger generations to give back.

Crowdrise is about raising money for charity and having the most fun in the world while doing it.” It was named a “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist” by Barron’s. All registered nonprofits, and other organizations with a cause, can set up a Crowdrise account and soon be part of this unique community. It’s not just about receiving support from your fellow Crowdrisers, but also about giving back. Crowdrise tries to turn charity into a two-way street, where charities can not only receive donations from the general public, but also from other charities. By supporting one another, we organizations set an example and prove that we actually do care about great causes.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton, founder of this great initiative, had younger generations in mind when he developed this organization. It is a greatly untapped and overlooked market. It’s not just about getting young adults to donate, but to be aware, and maybe turn them into charitable adults. We cannot after all expect non-income-making individuals to give easily. Crowdise is trying to show them that it is cool to donate. To be part of the ‘in crowd,’ you have to be socially conscious, generous, and involved.

Aumazo successfully joined this exclusive community, and with Crowdrise’s certification, has added a new medium for collecting donations to its sources. Visit Aumazo’s Crowdrise page, and spread the word. All it takes is the spreading of a simple link, and who knows, you may be the reason why someone feels compelled to get involved!

Check out this diagram to understand just how Crowdrise works.

Crowdrise: How It Works