You Are Creating opportunities

July 15, 2015


As a result of your generous support through GlobalGiving, AUMAZO, INC. is setting achievable goals as a stepping-stone to ultimate success. I am very grateful to you for participating in our Bonus Day last May 13th, 2015.

We Are Paving the Way, Literally

We went beyond our expectations of $3,000 to raising $6,610! These funds are helping us build the one-kilometer (0.62 mile) long muddy track from Bankondji village to the school site. Thank you.

The July 15th Bonus Day Challenge

Today, GlobalGiving is giving us another amazing opportunity to support AUMAZO, INC. Starting at 9am EDT this July 15th, GlobalGiving is matching online donations up to $1,000 per donor to our Global Giving ProjectThe matching is 40%. Aumazo is getting a higher match because we are a Leader organization on GlobalGiving!

Girls hauling water from a long distance.

Funding Our Water Project

Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 towards the Water Project. Bankondji is in dire need of safe drinking water. Aumazo has embarked on a concerted effort to provide clean drinking water to the students, teachers at the school, and people in the surrounding community. We entered into a discussion with the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI) specialized in designing and installing hydraulic ram pumps in rural communities to bring water to the school.

Clean Water Fosters Growth

Help the girls stay more focused on learning and studying by participating in our Bonus Day on July 15th. Your generosity means that girls will stop lugging heavy buckets uphill and hauling water for long distances thus improving their standard of living and using their time wisely to learn and succeed in school.

Some shallow hand dug wells in the community. Freak accidents happen all the time. Three years ago, a 3-year old fell and died in this well.


Fetching water from the intermittent rivers

How Can You Participate?

Please visit Aumazo’s Global Giving page on July 15th and if possible, donate around 9am EDT. Funds can run out on this Bonus Day so quickly.

Thank you for your continued support.