Abbe Fessenden, M.A.

Abbe Fessenden is Chair of the Board of Directors for Aumazo. She is a principal and co-founder of Value-Add, L.L.C, with more than 35 years of international development experience. She has worked on design, oversight and evaluation of technical assistance and policy reform activities, primarily in West Africa, including Cameroon. Her work often involved integrating institutional and organizational assessments into project design and evaluation as well as strategic planning. As a program/project development officer for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), she took a leading role in design and evaluation of many projects in agriculture/natural resources, economic growth, economic and marketing reforms, health, and infrastructure in nations throughout Africa. Among her assignments were developing the Africa Bureau’s Non-Project Assistance (NPA) guidance, working for Africa Bureau’s Project Development Office, and managing the Southern Africa Regional Program portfolio. She holds a Master of Arts in International Affairs (African studies, Economics), from the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., and a B.A. (Political Science, History), from Barnard College, Columbia University, N.Y.


Rosemary Martin

Rosemary Martin has 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned her B.A. in anthropology from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the Duke University Continuing Education Program in Durham, N.C. She is currently a Program Officer for the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C., where she manages grantmaking for educational initiatives. Rosemary’s previous roles include writing and managing government, private, and corporate grant awards for art education and curatorial projects at The Mint Museum in Charlotte; overseeing fundraising and communications for Legal Services of Southern Piedmont in Charlotte; managing communications for Barium Springs Home for Children in Barium Springs, N.C.; and planning and presenting art exhibitions and educational programs at Associated Artists of Winston-Salem. In addition to her work with Aumazo, Rosemary volunteers with Grants Managers Network. Previously, she was a member of the Regional Artist Project Grants review panel for the Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County and a member of the Impact Fund for Emerging Philanthropists of Foundation For The Carolinas in Charlotte.


Francis Gilbert, Ph.D.

Francis Gilbert is founder and principal of the consulting group under his name, specialized in interpretive development and exhibit consulting. He is a program development specialist with broad background in business management, strategic planning and program implementation. His experience in nonprofit organizations includes designing and implementing environmental outreach programs; fostering positive national, international and cross-institutional cooperation, and managing all development phases of complex projects. Among his projects are development of a strategy for interpreting the National Marine Sanctuary System’s multifaceted holdings, and serving as Director of Development of the Sonoran Sea Aquarium project in Tucson, where he spearheaded plans to develop a facility focused on Arizona’s rivers and the Gulf of California. He is active in MetroDogs, a newly formed canine urban Search and Rescue organization in the DC area, and serves on its board of directors. A native of France, he has traveled widely. He holds a doctorate in Cultural Studies, and a master of arts in Francophone culture, both from the University of Arizona.


Shawnte M. Mitchell

Shawnte Mitchell is Assistant General Counsel and Head of the Divisional Support Unit within the Legal Affairs Division of Emergent BioSolutions Inc. She provides strategic legal advice in a variety of areas, including corporate governance, healthcare regulatory, and product development, and has served as lead negotiator on a various transactions. Prior to Emergent, Shawnte was an Associate at Ropes & Gray LLP, where she advised health care, life sciences clients and technology clients in merger and acquisition, venture capital investment and debt transactions. Shawnte received a law degree from George Washington University Law School and her bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Stanford University. In her spare time, Shawnte enjoys classic movies, reading, football and going to the spa!


Robert C. Newland, CPA

Robert Newland is a public accountant in Beltsville, Maryland.


Paul B. Essex, Esq.

Paul Essex is a practicing attorney in Beltsville, Maryland.


Sylvester Seuyam Youssa

Sylvester Seuyam Youssa (Lead Field Manager) was born and lives in Cameroon. He became a priest after graduating from the Regional Seminary of Douala-Cameroon in 1997. Successively, he has worked as an Assistant priest, a vice steward of the rural parish of Bakou, a Cure and as a Spanish teacher at the middle school in Bankondji-Cameroon. Father Sylvester is currently the first priest in function at the parish St. Joseph of Bankondji. Father Sylvester carries with him the private pain of losing a mother to ignorance at age 9. After his mother’s death, he had to forgo his childhood to help his father raise his three younger brothers. Despite his priesthood, he clearly understands the struggle of single parenthood and a sad reality of losing a mother too early. He strongly believes in female education. He vows to dedicate the rest of his life not only to saving souls, but also to raising awareness on the importance of girls’ education.

Sweet Testimonials

I am currently a volunteer for Aumazo, lending a hand to help with fundraising strategies and strategic planning. Aumazo has come a long way from a mere idea to a full blown, not for profit organization. Its founder is an amazing enthusiast and determined woman who will undoubtedly make a boarding school for rural girls in Bankondji an imminent reality. I think combining the funds raised for this purpose with the proceeds of a striving brick business in her hometown was a terrific idea. I truly have high hopes and only praise for Team Aumazo.

Aissata Thiam, PhD, International Condultant in ICT

My visit to Cameroon 2 years ago with the Mount St. Mary's team of faculty and students began my love for Africa....specifically the people of Bankondji. Education is a powerful tool for change; and educating girls extends that positive change to their future families. This project is so worthwhile to support as it will currently build strong women and provide educated citizens in the future. During my visit one of the Sisters at the Daughters of Charity said that “Africa gets into your skin.” I feel that I came home with a piece of Africa in my heart. The land is beautiful. The people are beautiful. My memories are beautiful. I am proud to teach my students at the University about this wonderful project and how to support it with our monies and prayers.

Carolyn, Volunteer

The first time I heard about Aumazo was through a close friend of mine. I am from one of the counties with which Cameroon share its frontier (Gabon) so when I heard about Aumazo and the goals that they wanted to reach I was more than exited to be able to volunteer. In addition it’s not every day that you come across a non-profit organization that has the ambition to bring education to Africa for this reason I strongly believe that they do need more recognition and help from anyone for the hard work that they’re doing.

Patrick E., Volunteer

I heard about Aumazo through a dear friend who insisted that I checkout this cause and support. As a cameroonian girl myself, This is truly a noble cause and I am glad that Jacqueline, the Founder, is giving back to our community. She is a great role model and I encourage others to follow in her footsteps!

Anais G., Donor

I had a great experience working with Aumazo Inc. Mrs Audige did a phenomenal job at getting a team together to work in partnership with the University of Maryland and spending hours taking hundreds of their chairs, chalk boards and several other school materials that were going to be thrown away and that instead we took to put in a container and ship to Cameroon to help build better schools. It was an eye-opening experience and the purpose was real. Great organization, great people. I would recommend them to anyone looking to make an immediate difference in the lives of people who need it.

Yannick K., Volunteer

During my experience with Aumazo, I learned about the Cameroonian economy and educational system. Aumazo is ensuring that girls in Cameroon have access to education and they have a strong culture built on the empowering women and improving the country of Cameroon.

Patrick Legendre, MBA Candidate at GWU

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